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What is the meaning of ropewalker in Hindi?

Meaning of ropewalker in Hindi is :

Definition of word ropewalker

  • an acrobat, performing a tightrope dance; ropedancer (noun)

Examples of word ropewalker

  • Fortunately, Bruce had provided all of us with ropewalker ascending systems, which makes climbing a rope 100 feet much easier than using simple hand and foot ascenders.
  • "In man infectious laughter or yawning, walking in step, imitating the movements of a ropewalker, while watching him, feeling a shock in one's legs when one sees a man falling, and a hundred other occurrences of this kind are cases of physiological sympathy."
  • "This is Jack Snipe, our new clown," she said, naming for his benefit the riders, the ropewalker, the snake-charmer and the boneless wonder.
  • The crossing over the dangerous place was accomplished in the following manner: Kinesasis first untied the other heavy pole from the dog-sled, and then, advancing to the place where the weak ice began, he carefully laid one of the poles on the poor ice, and using the other as a ropewalker would his balancing pole, he carefully walked out on the one on the ice.
  • America to the circus in 1793, it was just an equestrian act, but soon he added acrobats, a ropewalker and a clown.


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