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What is the meaning of roseate in Hindi?

Meaning of roseate in Hindi is : गुलाबी

Definition of word roseate

  • Like the rose flower; pink; rosy. (adjective)

Examples of word roseate

  • Pink-plumed birds called roseate spoonbills flew overhead and big, leafy American lotuses glistened on a distant bank.
  • If Effie's emotional career exposes a hulking gap between the roseate ideals of Victorian marriage and its all-too-prosaic practice, then her stint as her husband's model reveals a similar divide between what might be called the mythology of Victorian art and the way in which the average painting was actually put on canvas.
  • I imagine the design as stucco, predominantly white or beige, or even a pale roseate color, with grey stone trim at strategic points and a mosaic dome in a greenish-blue with geometric patterning; the dome's tiling would probably most resemble the Pima County Courthouse in Tucson in overall mood.
  • Their roseate pastels, pleasantly faded after decades of hanging in Yale corridors, chime happily with the actual frescoes on display from the house-church in which early Syriac Christians worshiped and lived.
  • In the distance, majestic pink-colored roseate spoonbills rose like a rainbow and flew off from the middle of the marsh.


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