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What is the meaning of rosiness in Hindi?

Meaning of rosiness in Hindi is : लालिमा

Definition of word rosiness

  • The quality of being rosy. (noun)

Examples of word rosiness

  • I'm not sure I see where the "rosiness" and "idealisation" of his home culture are coming in -- it's his home culture, after all, so he's probably not "idealising" it, the way, say, an American might idealise foreign cultures of which he has limited experience.
  • Cheeks: To enhance the natural rosiness of the cheeks, sweep a matte blush along the cheekbone towards the hair line.
  • But because we just can't approach this weekend's Hallmark holiday Father's Day with anything approaching rosiness, today we offer a list of celebrity pops who could stand to work on their parenting skills.
  • I feel that they will rather put your delightful rosiness down to the exertions of the dance.
  • I wear a pink shirt that brings out the rosiness of my cheeks.


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