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What is the meaning of rounded in Hindi?

Meaning of rounded in Hindi is : गोलाकार

Definition of word rounded

  • past tense of "to round" (verb)
  • Made into a circle or sphere. (adjective)
  • Complete or balanced. (adjective)
  • Describing a number that has been changed to its nearest desired value. (adjective)
  • Ending in a broad arch. (adjective)
  • Pronounced with the lips drawn together; see rounded vowel. (adjective)

Examples of word rounded

  • Wicked Lovely, aside from being better written and more well rounded, is nothing like Twilight.
  • Chinese also have them in rounded ball form in hotpots and things. dawn Oct 8 now this is fun.
  • Texting, you see, is not done in rounded, sonorous sentences like those I endeavour to produce for you, my dear readers, on a weekly basis.
  • The sellout crowd of 54,279 roared as the captain rounded the bases after his opposite-field drive to right, and cheered even louder when he came out of the dugout for a curtain call.
  • Archer Farms cereals are now sold in rounded "streamlined" cereal boxes without the need for an inner plastic bag holding the cereal.


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