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What is the meaning of roundish in Hindi?

Meaning of roundish in Hindi is : गोल सा

Definition of word roundish

  • Somewhat round. (adjective)

Examples of word roundish

  • Mine are always kind of roundish; no matter how hard I clip and trim and poke.
  • The short "roundish" legs finished, they had still to make the head.
  • Any doctor who agreed to put eight embryos in the uterus of a woman – any woman, much less one with a proven history of successful pregnancy – should have his license taken away and maybe be hung up by his toes, or some other small, roundish, dangly bit.
  • Please continue ... the Flat Earth society still exists today (no kidding), with staggering opposition to evidence that our Earth is, indeed, roundish.
  • One puzzling inaccuracy pervades the prints in this show, including those by the usually reliable Sadahide: While the Caucasian men are depicted sporting racial markers like facial hair, roundish eyes and broad gestures, the women invariably have Asian features.


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