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What is the meaning of roundness in Hindi?

Meaning of roundness in Hindi is : वर्तुलत्व

Definition of word roundness

  • The quality of being round. (noun)

Examples of word roundness

  • It's vacant condo roundness is perfect for the ballpark penthouse boxes with the media boxes on top.
  • The roundness is more pleasant to the eye than angles of sqaures.
  • Umbria is, after all, the source of some of Italy's best olive oil, every bit the equal of Tuscany's in roundness and peppery bite, and of black truffles.
  • She was tall without being too much so; she had a certain roundness, her throat being rather pronounced but very beautiful; her face was still attractive, her features were regular and graceful; her hair was ashy, and curly like a child's.
  • There’s a certain roundness, a balance and symmetry, to that.


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