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What is the meaning of roundsman in Hindi?

Meaning of roundsman in Hindi is : फेरीवाला

Definition of word roundsman

  • A worker who makes rounds, especially in order to deliver goods (noun)

Examples of word roundsman

  • Miraculously, no one was in the weeds; the roundsman, who stepped in wherever he was needed, did his job seamlessly; orders came up on time; the front and back of the house were perfectly in sync.
  • As he stepped warily onto the doorstep, I brought in the pint of milk the roundsman left every morning, and the Oxford Times that lay beside it.
  • Some day, when The Dutchman was dead, he would write a book and he possessed secrets that no roundsman could even guess at.
  • Roosevelt had ordered every patrolman and roundsman to take down the names on every doctor's shingle on his beat.
  • There was none of the loafing stride characteristic of the professional roundsman.


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