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What is the meaning of rubbishy in Hindi?

Meaning of rubbishy in Hindi is : बेकार

Definition of word rubbishy

  • Strewn with litter (adjective)
  • Of little or no value; worthless (adjective)

Examples of word rubbishy

    • Mr. Carlyle said it was his habit to drink five cups of tea. He ran off into table-talk about tea and coffee, told us that he had found in Lord Russell's 'Memoirs of Moore,' which he called a rubbishy book, the origin of the word biggin; it comes from one Biggin, a tinner, who first made the vessel and was knighted afterwards.
    • Link lady be good?? contrary to what you wrote – Bill cinton was NEVER an embarrassment abroad – even at t he height of that Lewinsky affair & his impeachement – if anything THE GOP were the JOKES! for doing it for such again rubbishy reasons.
    • I can take air and moisture and drifting dust and any old kind of rubbishy matter you can imagine and knead it and stir it and transform it into something all new!
    • On the other hand, that curriculum was itself subverted by precisely the same kind of rubbishy thinking.
    • Same goes for the "rubbishy" thrillers she penned under a pseudonym.


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