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What is the meaning of ruddiness in Hindi?

Meaning of ruddiness in Hindi is : लाली

Definition of word ruddiness

  • The property of being ruddy. (noun)

Examples of word ruddiness

  • For the other kind of ruddiness which is settled in the face with pimples, &c., because it pertains not to my subject, I will not meddle with it.
  • (Laughter) There was a kind of ruddiness or glow in some of the papers, and this largely created public interest in the controversy that was going on between the heroic body that handled the Wembley Exhibition and the exclusive hierarchic body which withdrew itself into its shell.
  • [4250] except it primarily proceed from blood, or that the malady be increased by it; for bloodletting refrigerates and dries up, except the body be very full of blood, and a kind of ruddiness in the face.
  • Her skin was kissed with the wholesome-seeming ruddiness of a sunburn.
  • The gentle cleanser and cream calm angry skin, and an SPF 15 protective base in a green tint counteracts ruddiness.


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