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What is the meaning of rude in Hindi?

Meaning of rude in Hindi is : रूखा

Definition of word rude

Examples of word rude

  • Luckily, Rude is able to support himself through other means, but it's a bummer to think that an incredible talent and industry legend like Rude isn't able to make a living via comics.
  • Justin Rude: The Millennium Stage shows are a great kids activity, and I wouldn't have a problem taking my little guy to Pizzeria Paradiso or Clyde's, which are both in the area.
  • Frank Sullivan, co-author of the Survivor song and owner of record label Rude Music, Inc., filed suit against Gingrich and his campaign for unauthorized use of the song at campaign rallies, Bloomberg
  • I just read half of the first chapter that was linked in Rude Pundit’s blog and I’ve never ever read such slanted, bitter, vitrol-filled writing anywhere – much less from someone who claims to a Christian.
  • Rick Rude: a.k.a. the Ravishing One; “Ravishing” Rick Rude.


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