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What is the meaning of rule in Hindi?

Meaning of rule in Hindi is : हुकुमत करना

Definition of word rule

  • A regulation, law, guideline. (noun)
  • A ruler; device for measuring, a straightedge, a measure. (noun)
  • this sense?) Something to keep order. (noun)
  • A straight line (continuous mark, as made by a pen or the like), especially one lying across a paper as a guide for writing. (noun)
  • A regulating principle. (noun)
  • A normal condition or state of affairs. (noun)
  • To regulate, be in charge of, make decisions for, reign over. (verb)
  • To excel. (verb)
  • To mark (paper or the like) with rules (lines). (verb)

Examples of word rule

  • Now note that the rule of stare decisis is a _rule of law_.
  • But if the exceptions to the rule of promise keeping are all those cases where keeping a the promise is less than optimal, then the Ëœruleâ„¢ is no more than a rule of thumb, and the actual principle governing decisions on promise-keeping is the principle of maximal utility.
  • And that in the church they are vested with rule appears not only by their name of elders, which when applied to officers, imports rule, authority, &c., as hath been said; but also by the adjunct participle _that rule_, or
  • Some are rich and some are poor; some old and some young; some in peace and some in trouble; some have received more spiritual gifts than others, and have more opportunity for their exercise: therefore it belongs unto the rule of the church, that all be admonished, instructed, and exhorted to attend unto their respective duties, by those in _rule_, according to the observation which they make of people's diligence or negligence in them.
  • The first rule that they who love a child should teach him, is the _rule of self_.


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