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What is the meaning of rupture in Hindi?

Meaning of rupture in Hindi is : हर्निया

Definition of word rupture

  • A burst, split, or break. (noun)
  • A social breach or break, between individuals or groups. (noun)
  • A break or tear in soft tissue, such as a muscle. (noun)
  • A failure mode in which a tough ductile material pulls apart rather than cracking. (noun)
  • To burst, break through, or split, as under pressure. (verb)

Examples of word rupture

  • And for him, such a rupture is simply not an issue.
  • Yes - there are risks (previous scar rupture is a 0.1 – 0.5% risk) and during labour, the decision to go to a second c-section might still have to be made.
  • The left-right religious rupture is not the only divisive element within religious zionism.
  • Given the severe contrasting nature of landscapes in Mexico, it is inevitable that this sense of rupture translates into a fractured sense of self.
  • There was a nice study published by Jerome Strauss's group [in October's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences] that showed that African-American women who have a preterm rupture of the membranes are more likely to have a genetic variant that's causative for that.


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