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What is the meaning of sacrificial in Hindi?

Meaning of sacrificial in Hindi is : यज्ञीय

Definition of word sacrificial

  • Relating to sacrifice (adjective)
  • Used as a sacrifice. (adjective)

Examples of word sacrificial

    • This is, of course, the provenance of the term sacrificial lamb.
    • The Conquistadors abolished cannibalism and human sacrifice, wars to obtain sacrificial victims, and the panoply of bloodthirsty gods.
    • Marshall is what you call a sacrificial lamb in this race.
    • Indeed, they have been known to roast innocent tourists in sacrificial banquets designed to appease their gods, as well as conducting other heinous acts too gruesome to describe.
    • The ideal temple exhibits, under Old Testament forms (used as being those then familiar to the men whom Ezekiel, a priest himself, and one who delighted in sacrificial images, addresses), not the precise literal outline, but the essential character of the worship of Messiah as it shall be when He shall exercise sway in Jerusalem among His own people, the Jews, and thence to the ends of the earth.


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