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What is the meaning of sad in Hindi?

Meaning of sad in Hindi is : शोकार्त्त

Definition of word sad

  • Sated, having had one's fill; satisfied, weary. (adjective)

Examples of word sad

  • My poor kitteh, known as William, Sir William of Lounge, Sir Lounge-a-lot, etc., has crwn too. *sad* *sad* He catches his booteefuls looooong tail in bafrum door and well, it not so loooooong now. *sad* *sad* We is sad kittehs tonite.
  • We know the once sad spirit now, no longer _sad_, the _radiant_ Genius of Humanity.
  • You will think this letter a very sad one, but _I feel sad_ ....
  • i not scare die (blah blah blah) i now very sad sad +sad me say sorry then she say
  • In fact, in my survey of parents, the word sad rarely appeared, although children were often described as “depressed.”
  • I was at the point of mental and physical fatigue when I cry so easily that all you have to do is say the word "sad" and my eyes start leaking.