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What is the meaning of sad in Hindi?

Meaning of sad in Hindi is : शोकार्त्त

Definition of word sad

  • seasonal affective disorder (initialism)
  • standard American diet (initialism)
  • Special Activities Division (initialism)

Examples of word sad

  • But a lot of other folks too who are dealing with mild depression, or what they call SAD, seasonal affective disorder.
  • "SAD" is an abbreviation for mental depression apparently linked to the seasonally changing amount of light during autumn and winter.
  • Suze Orman was the highlight of the show – how SAD is that!!
  • They’re no worse than a Spontaneous Anomalator Device — can we just call it SAD now?
  • The diet in the low-protein group was similar to the Standard American Diet SAD, which is low in protein and high in unhealthy saturated fats.


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