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What is the meaning of sagging in Hindi?

Meaning of sagging in Hindi is : झोल

Definition of word sagging

  • A manner of wearing pants or shorts below the waist, revealing some or all of the underwear. (noun)
  • Present participle of sag. (verb)

Examples of word sagging

    • Here they are, still looking great, young and fantastic, and there you are with your skin sagging everywhere.
    • Presi-Dense Busch, with muscles sagging from the mighty and great effort put forth to save New Orleans from the aftermath of the Hurricane and 18 holes of Golf, demanded.
    • And a gray-haired retiree, his skin sagging but his face oddly bright, probably in Shibuya to avail himself of one of the area's well-known sexual services, which he would pay for out of a pension account that he kept hidden from his wife, not realizing that she knew what he was up to and simply didn't care. next »
    • Avocados ripen at odd times and the tree in Fred's front yard was wet and sagging from a load of fruit.
    • That's quite a shocking statistic when you consider that 80% of doctors surveyed, agreed that a specialist sports bra reduces stress on the ligaments and therefore helps delay the long-term sagging of breasts - something we'd all like to avoid, let's face it.


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