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What is the meaning of sail in Hindi?

Meaning of sail in Hindi is : होना

Definition of word sail

  • A piece of fabric attached to a boat and arranged such that it causes the wind to drive the boat along. The sail may be attached to the boat via a combination of mast, spars and ropes. (noun)
  • The power harnessed by a sail or sails, or the use this power for travel or transport. (noun)
  • A trip in a boat, especially a sailboat. (noun)
  • The blade of a windmill. (noun)
  • A tower-like structure found on the dorsal (topside) surface of submarines. (noun)
  • The floating organ of siphonophores, such as the Portuguese man-of-war. (noun)
  • A sailfish. (noun)
  • To ride in a boat, especially a sailboat. (verb)
  • To move briskly and gracefully through the air. (verb)
  • To move briskly. (verb)

Examples of word sail

  • "Then," said Mr. Hall, "I should think, on the whole, that, in such a place as this, where there are so many regular sail boats, and where excursions on the lake in them are so common and so well recognized as a distinct amusement, the phrase _taking a sail_ ought to be held to mean going in a sail boat, and that making a voyage in a steamer would not be fulfilling the promise."
  • "Then the sky narrowed at the edges and he began screaming at a panicky squire, "Back sail, _back sail_!"
  • Aboard ship, Dana discovers that to sail is to tread the line between life and death.
  • Steering the sail is akin to steering a paraglider or parachute — the “autopilot” pod flying just under the kite shortens one side to dump wind and turn.
  • I think that he had never been entirely reconciled to the heathenish invention which I called a sail, and that down in the bottom of his heart he believed that the paddlers would eventually overhaul us; but now he couldn't praise it enough.


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