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What is the meaning of salaam in Hindi?

Meaning of salaam in Hindi is :

Definition of word salaam

  • A respectful ceremonial greeting performed mostly in Islamic countries. (interjection)
  • A low bow as a ceremonial act of deference. (noun)
  • To perform a salaam. (verb)

Examples of word salaam

  • The person on the street who mistakes me for a Muslim and gives me a friendly salaam is “just as racist” as the person who mistakes me for a Muslim and calls me a terrorist, because both regarded race in some way, right?
  • To all currently involved with the PRT initiative in Afghanistan. .good luck-be safe and "salaam" - RH
  • For example, in recent interactions with Ramadan Shallah, leader of Palestinian Islamic Jihad (duly reported to US authorities because he is on the FBI's "most wanted" list, see interview here) we found adamant refusal to ever recognize Israel or move towards a two-state solution, whereas Hamas politburo chairman Khaled Meshaal said that his movement could imagine a two-state peace ( "salaam," and not just the usual armistice or "hudna").
  • One of the Cairo cafe questions debated in the days leading up to the speech was: Would Obama say "salaam" to the Arabic-speaking world?
  • They respond politely in kind when you say "salaam" and place your hand over your heart, in the warm greeting meaning "peace."'


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