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What is the meaning of salad in Hindi?

Meaning of salad in Hindi is : सलाद

Definition of word salad

  • A food made primarily of a mixture of raw or cold ingredients, typically vegetables, usually served with a dressing such as vinegar or mayonnaise. (noun)
  • A raw vegetable of the kind used in salads. (noun)

Examples of word salad

    • But it's one of those salad places where you can convince yourself you're eating healthy because it's a ~salad~ but when covered in bacon and cheese and creamy dressings, it's probably doing just as much damage as a burger.
    • What if i ordered the chicken burger, asked for salad because the deal is fries or salad then would this same worker say no chips, you already got the ’salad’?
    • And the word salad literally means salted, the culinary practice of salting leafy vegetables.
    • Carrot and raisin salad is definitely a Texas treat!
    • At least there's a greater chance of rational thought there, instead of the word salad we're sure to get from Quitty McHalfTerm.


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