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What is the meaning of sally in Hindi?

Meaning of sally in Hindi is : सैर

Definition of word sally

  • A willow (noun)
  • Any tree that looks like a willow (noun)
  • An object made from the above trees' wood (noun)
  • A sortie of troops from a besieged place against an enemy. (noun)
  • A sudden rushing forth. (noun)
  • A witty statement or quip, usually at the expense of one's interlocutor. (noun)
  • An excursion or side trip. (noun)
  • A tufted woollen part of a bellrope, used to provide grip when ringing a bell. (noun)
  • To make a sudden attack on an enemy from a defended position. (verb)
  • To set out on an excursion; venture; depart (often followed by "forth.") (verb)
  • To venture off the beaten path. (verb)
  • A member of the Salvation Army. (noun)

Examples of word sally

  • 'Squander the hell-rook ranks sally to molest him' means 'Scatter the ranks that sally to molest him': but since the words _squander_ and _sally_ occupy similar positions in the two sections of the verse, and are enforced by a similar accentuation, the second verb deprived of its pronoun will follow the first and appear as an imperative; and there is nothing to prevent its being so taken but the contradiction that it makes in the meaning; whereas the grammar should expose and enforce the meaning, not have to be determined by the meaning.
  • And as you said, most jails do have what they call a sally port.
  • Miranda urged him to come over to the insurgent side but Santa Anna made a bold sally from the city and broke the siege.
  • And yes mummy, sally is browner (and thankfully smaller than Clifford).
  • Durazzo to assist their own deliverance by a well-timed sally from the town.


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