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What is the meaning of salute in Hindi?

Meaning of salute in Hindi is : सलामी देना

Definition of word salute

  • A formal gesture done in honor of someone or something, usually with the hand or hands in one of various particular positions. (noun)
  • Any action done for the purpose of honor or tribute . (noun)
  • To make a gesture in honor of someone or something. (verb)
  • To act in thanks, honor, or tribute; to thank or extend gratitude. (verb)
  • to wave, to acknowledge an acquaintance. (verb)
  • Examples of word salute

    • Cadet_ (_during his first term at Osborne -- where he has been told always to salute his superior officers of both services -- meeting some "temporary" subalterns who disregard his salute_).
    • Mr. Nicholson, of Amelia, slowly raised his right hand in salute -
    • Look, trying to figure out what - that the Spock sign - the Vulcan salute is every time we do it.
    • Down the centuries, until outboard motors, fishermen dipped sails three times in salute to MacDara's island off the Connemara coast.
    • The men all ordered Guinness, which Mr. Dunne loved, and raised their pints in salute to him, and his drum.


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