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What is the meaning of salvia in Hindi?

Meaning of salvia in Hindi is : सैल्विया

Definition of word salvia

  • A plant in the genus Salvia, such as sage. (noun)

Examples of word salvia

  • According to a source, the smoke inside the bong is a natural herb called salvia, which is legal in the state of California but also possesses psychedelic qualities.
  • Your latest scandal was when a recent video went viral of you taking a bong hit of salvia, which is a legal herb sold in California.
  • But a source close to the Hannah Montana star tells TMZ that Cyrus is not smoking marijuana, but a natural herb called salvia, which has hallucinogenic properties and is legal in California.
  • Sources tell TMZ that she was smoking the psychedelic herb salvia, which is legal in California, not marijuana.
  • I need more of the blue salvia, that is the only one that comes back reliably.


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