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What is the meaning of sanctimonious in Hindi?

Meaning of sanctimonious in Hindi is : पाखण्डी

Definition of word sanctimonious

  • Making a show of being morally better than others, especially hypocritically pious. (adjective)
  • Holy, devout. (adjective)

Examples of word sanctimonious

  • You refer to the sanctimonious speech by Obama in Cairo two years ago.
  • Such criticism, though a bit sanctimonious, is reasonably well grounded: in the years since an ailing Yeltsin appointed him Russia's president, on December 31, 1999, Putin has in numerous ways tried to reassert Kremlin control over the country.
  • The low point of self defeating activism came at a Radio City Music Hall fundraiser at which Chevy Chase said the president had the intellect of an "egg timer" John Mellencamp called Bush a "cheap thug" and Meryl Streep, in a performance that brings new meaning to the word sanctimonious, belittled the president's faith.
  • Lenz case so "sanctimonious" -- and dishonest -- as to suggest that he has never read the YouTube Terms of Service or discerned why a lawyer should not shriek that corporations "flout" their legal obligations by hiring third-parties who specialize in executing those legal obligations (p. 169-170).
  • Then, when it’s proven once again, we sit back in sanctimonious self-righteousness shocked, absolutely shocked, about humankind’s venality.


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