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What is the meaning of sapphirine in Hindi?

Meaning of sapphirine in Hindi is : सैफिरिन

Definition of word sapphirine

  • A rare silicate of magnesium and aluminium (with iron as a major impurity), named for its sapphirelike colour. (noun)
  • Of, pertaining to, or resembling sapphire (adjective)

Examples of word sapphirine

    • Straight of spine and sapphirine of eye, Barr appeared poised, intelligent, and master of a certain smile.
    • He flashes out emeralds and rubies, amethystine flames and sapphirine colours, in
    • His sapphirine-blue eyes, the cleft, or dimple, in his strong chin, his thick sable hair, and muscular but symmetrical frame are additional attractions to me and, I regret to say, to innumerable other females.
    • There were moments amid the deepening darkness when it seemed virtually impossible to reach the summit; the stars now lighted a glowing sapphirine sky, but that only made the venerable town in all its majesty seem ever more unattainable.
    • He dared a glance at the Power's face, and was caught again, a moth in sapphirine flame.


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