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What is the meaning of sarcastic in Hindi?

Meaning of sarcastic in Hindi is : व्य‌ंगपूर्ण

Definition of word sarcastic

  • Containing sarcasm. (adjective)
  • Having the personality trait of expressing sarcasm. (adjective)

Examples of word sarcastic

    • A few years ago, a clever webhead created a site advocating the use of what he called the sarcastic font.
    • Ann says or, more accurately, implies that the word "sarcastic" is code for step back, little lady.
    • In Hebrew those passages have a distinct voice, a unique identifiable tone characterized as sarcastic and prone to the use of word puns.
    • Further, your attempt at being either insulting or sarcastic is duly noted, and not at all impressive.
    • 1: 59 PM gomer said ... for once i gut nuthin 'sarcastic ta say. so, i dont care what she looks like now. i know what she looked like then. boy do i.


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