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What is the meaning of sate in Hindi?

Meaning of sate in Hindi is : सन्तुष्ट करना

Definition of word sate

  • satay (noun)
  • To satisfy; fill up. (verb)
  • Simple past of sit. (verb)

Examples of word sate

  • Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi has said that the sate was the first in the Country to implement inter-linking of rivers to prevent water from flowing into the Bay of Bengal.
  • A dish that is on the prominent position of my must-eat list (when I am on vacation) is sate kelapa (or in its local variant known as sate kelopo).
  • In several hours you can learn about 20 exotic recipes, such as sate lilit (minced-fish-on-lemon-grass sate) or ayam pelalah (shredded chicken with chilies and lime).
  • Hi, I'm a Malaysian Malay and I help my father sell 'sate' sweetened meat/chicken barbeque with grounded ground nut sweet-spicy sauce.
  • Besides, there was also some Indonesian food such as sate ayam, bakmi goreng, lumpia, bakwan, rempeyek, kembang goyang and kerupuk ikan.


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