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What is the meaning of satellite in Hindi?

Meaning of satellite in Hindi is : सैटेलाइट

Definition of word satellite

Examples of word satellite

  • However, we tend to use the word satellite to mean the man-made objects that are sent into space on a rocket to perform certain tasks, such as navigation, weather monitoring, or communication.
  • The term satellite is also used to describe man-made devices of any size that are launched into orbit.
  • North Korea made a similar claim in 1998 when it launched what it called a satellite but U.S. officials considered its Taepodong-1 missile.
  • PYONGYANG/BEIJING, March 9 (AP) - (Kyodo)—North Korea warned Monday that any move to intercept what it calls a satellite launch and what other countries suspect may be a missile test-firing would result in a counterstrike against the countries trying to stop it.
  • Fuelling the fire, North Korea's preparations for what it calls the satellite launch.


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