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What is the meaning of satellite in Hindi?

Meaning of satellite in Hindi is : सैटेलाइट

Definition of word satellite

Examples of word satellite

  • Satellite is not ‘broadband’ in the sense that most users think of, it just fakes it by using using heftier carrier-waves to carry more stuff at once to make-up for the killer latency from ground to orbit.
  • Satellite is a great song, but my favorite, if forced to choose, would be either Grace is Gone from Busted Stuff or Ants Marching from Under the Table & Dreaming.
  • I'm not interested in Satellite or Dish service, just the regular TV that goes into the Mexican homes?
  • First, "consumer groups" like C3SR (Consumer Coalition for Competition in Satellite Radio).
  • Iran Orbits Satellite is the next entry in this blog.


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