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What is the meaning of satiate in Hindi?

Meaning of satiate in Hindi is : संतृप्त करना

Definition of word satiate

  • To fill to satisfaction; to satisfy. (verb)
  • To satisfy to excess. To fill to satiety. (verb)
  • Filled to satisfaction or to excess. (adjective)

Examples of word satiate

  • When that word is pronounced, I know greater and more horrid punishments are going to be inflicted than the gloomiest tyrant has ever invented to satiate his utmost revenge.
  • So Peta instead killed hundreds of lobsters in the traditional inhumane manner to satiate the people they'd invited.
  • They make you feel fuller and also satiate you psychologically.
  • Well, some of our number were a bit intimidated by the high falutin 'menu, and did not order nearly enough to satiate the machine.
  • Did I buy some food from Air Asia to satiate my intense hunger?


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