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What is the meaning of satisfaction in Hindi?

Meaning of satisfaction in Hindi is : स्पष्टीकरण

Definition of word satisfaction

  • A fulfillment of a need or desire. (noun)
  • The pleasure obtained by such fulfillment. (noun)
  • The source of such gratification. (noun)
  • A reparation for an injury or loss. (noun)
  • A vindication for a wrong suffered. (noun)
  • Examples of word satisfaction

    • Now and then the writers transfer the term satisfaction from the rite itself or spectacle, to signify true mortification.
    • As if the only way to satisfaction is to usher in a redeemer of sort who can save them.
    • Part of the satisfaction is the meat we get to enjoy, and part the memory of the hunt.
    • Long-term satisfaction is not the same as short-term attraction.
    • The words are always in flux (I can never remember them), but the satisfaction is always the same. posted by Slimbolala link


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