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What is the meaning of satisfy in Hindi?

Meaning of satisfy in Hindi is : समाधान करना

Definition of word satisfy

Examples of word satisfy

  • (Soundbite of song, "Satisfy") JEWEL: (Singing) If you love somebody, you better let it out.
  • "Satisfy," she wrote to her, "the extreme desire we have to see you in this company; you will be loved and honored therein as accords with reason and with what you are."
  • In the video to "Satisfy," Kristen May acts flirty and twee, walking through fields and frolicking in the ocean with an obscured man.
  • Migs also worked his magic on the irresistible "Satisfy", another track from
  • Satisfy the needs of community, marketing, content, R&D and others to maximize traffic, revenue, and user satisfaction.


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