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What is the meaning of satisfy in Hindi?

Meaning of satisfy in Hindi is : समाधान करना

Definition of word satisfy

  • To do enough; to meet (needs); to fulfill (wishes, requirements). (verb)

Examples of word satisfy

  • While I think of it let me ask, did the £15 I sent for the purpose of covering the remainder of the cost of Repairs advanced by Mr Austin satisfy all demands?
  • Unfortunately, after reading some of his comments he made during the August break to satisfy is conservative base I've put him in the far right group.
  • Tonight kae_dash has aikido so I'm a little adrift, but not unhappy for it, about the most important question I have to satisfy, is what will I have for dinner?
  • The first palette to satisfy is a longing for a non-telic and perhaps atheistic or deistic worldview.
  • That allowed the retailer to order enough units of a title to satisfy nearly every customer who wanted to see it upon release, without facing the huge financial risk inherent to the old system.
  • The argument that men have more expensive tastes to satisfy is too feeble to deserve attention.
  • Plus, the calls "satisfy expectations" for voters.