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What is the meaning of satisfying in Hindi?

Meaning of satisfying in Hindi is : संतोषजनक

Definition of word satisfying

  • That satisfies, gratifies, pleases or comforts. (adjective)
  • Present participle of satisfy. (verb)

Examples of word satisfying

    • If we consider blogging a form of self-publishing there are many authors who are doing just that and finding it very satisfying from a writing, if not monetary, point of view at least.
    • My advice to anyone who wants to make her life more satisfying is two-pronged: First, don't settle for a life you don't love.
    • They're both intellectually satisfying from a technical perspective (as a guitar player), but is the obvious "culture" gap a maturity issue?
    • Of a larger appetite and more luck in satisfying it.
    • Happy people are more likely to be in satisfying romantic relationships.


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