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What is the meaning of savoring in Hindi?

Meaning of savoring in Hindi is :

Definition of word savoring

  • Present participle of savor. (verb)

Examples of word savoring

  • I have some green pork chili I'm eager to share with you but until my mind is more settled, here are some links I've been savoring from the recent papers:
  • Europeans seem to be a little more in tune with the idea of savoring life instead of rushing through it, and appropriately enough, I shot this video in Riga, Latvia, during my summer travels.
  • Is the notion of savoring life so alien to you that you would buy household objects intended to create awareness of the passage of time?
  • Victoire and Clarice smiled curiously, while Émile, with an expression savoring of paganism and pig-tails, squinted obliquely toward our doctor.
  • It is enough to reply that their author, in the fourth edition, repudiated every word savoring of Pantheism.


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