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What is the meaning of savour in Hindi?

Meaning of savour in Hindi is : स्वाद होना

Definition of word savour

  • the specific taste or smell of something. (noun)
  • a distinctive sensation (noun)
  • to possess a particular taste or smell, or a distinctive quality (verb)
  • to appreciate, enjoy or relish something (verb)

Examples of word savour

  • The variety of leniency of the different officials, and of the same officials on different days, gave a certain savour of adventure to the dreariness of prison life.
  • For is not that which is a savour of life to some, that is, to those that are within the purpose of God's love, and whom he intends effectually to call, and to convert to himself; I say, is not the same termed a savour of death to others? that is, to the obstinate and impenitent, and such as God leaves to themselves.
  • This savour is communicated insensibly, for our life is hid; but inseparably, for grace is a good part that shall never be taken away from those who have it.
  • His organ is the tongue with his tasting nerves; the medium, a watery juice; the object, taste, or savour, which is a quality in the juice, arising from the mixture of things tasted.
  • I understand that it is pretty old news, but this was the most inspiring speech I ever heard, and wanted the visitors of Groundreport to "savour" this speech


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