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What is the meaning of scarce in Hindi?

Meaning of scarce in Hindi is : स्वल्प

Definition of word scarce

  • Uncommon, rare; difficult to find; insufficient to meet a demand. (adjective)
  • Scarcely, only just. (adverb)

Examples of word scarce

  • Thus, _If cats are scarce, mice are plentiful_, contains two verbal clauses; but _if cats are scarce_ is conditional, not indicative; and _mice are plentiful_ is subject to the condition that _cats are scarce_.
  • A quarter century had passed since Douglas had hired the Court's first female clerk; that was during World War II, when male law students were in scarce supply.
  • Still, economists expect jobs likely will remain scarce even as the economy improves.
  • Unfortunately, deals are in scarce supply from wineries directly.
  • I think it will turn into another argument over how scarce is the ammo?


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