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What is the meaning of schizoid in Hindi?

Meaning of schizoid in Hindi is : सितारा मछली

Definition of word schizoid

  • characterized by social withdrawal and flat affect (adjective)
  • schizophrenic (adjective)
  • someone with Schizoid Personality Disorder (noun)
  • someone with schizophrenia (noun)

Examples of word schizoid

  • However, he concluded, enforcement is likely to remain schizoid "until there is a reform of immigration law that is acceptable to the American people."
  • But Phil suggests more psychological factors are at play with those who indulge in schizoid identities:
  • The same impulses that others struggled with occasionally, but that could be controlled or concealed enough for them to function in everyday society, overwhelmed him much of his life, starting with that long-ago spring when he was hospitalized at age twenty-two for what experts today might classify as schizoid affective disorder.
  • "" So-called schizoid personalities, who are extremely withdrawn, are commoner in families of schizophrenics, '' says Dr. Jonathan Benjamin of Ben Gurion University in Israel.
  • MARK HILLMAN, PSYCHOTHERAPIST: It ` s called schizoid affective disorder.