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What is the meaning of scholar in Hindi?

Meaning of scholar in Hindi is : शोध छात्र

Definition of word scholar

  • A student; one who studies at school or college. (noun)
  • A specialist in a particular branch of knowledge. (noun)
  • A learned person; a bookman. (noun)
  • One who educates themself for their whole life. (noun)

Examples of word scholar

  • When the participle or the infinitive is used abstractly, without an assumed subject, its attribute complement is also said to be in the nominative case; as, To _be he_ [Footnote: See footnote above.] is to be a scholar; _Being_ a _scholar_ is not _being_ an _idler_.
  • The word scholar connotes heady intellectuals, buried in books and theories -- but what these kids are really learning is how to act.
  • I use the term scholar in the literal sense of student and do not claim expert status.
  • As for Gates qualifying for the title scholar, I will let his own actions speak for themselves.
  • Once a child -- whom we call a "scholar" -- is enrolled in our summer learning and after school programs, parents become more involved.