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What is the meaning of scoundrel in Hindi?

Meaning of scoundrel in Hindi is : बदमाश/दुष्ट

Definition of word scoundrel

  • one without honor; a villain (noun)

Examples of word scoundrel

  • Berthiers intrigue for him: -- old Foulon, who has now nothing to do but intrigue; who is known and even seen to be what they call a scoundrel; but of unmeasured wealth; who, from Commissariat-clerk which he once was, may hope, some think, if the game go right, to be Minister himself one day.
  • Thomas Jefferson said the first act of a scoundrel is to wrap himself in the flag.
  • Whether I'm zealot or scoundrel is beside the point.
  • Certainly this scoundrel is not the first to think M.
  • The last refuge of a scoundrel is to change discussion to absolutes that have never stated by anyone to make a point.


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