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What is the meaning of scrape in Hindi?

Meaning of scrape in Hindi is : साफ़ करना

Definition of word scrape

  • To draw an object, especially a sharp or angular one, along (something) while exerting pressure. (verb)
  • To injure or damage by rubbing across a surface. (verb)
  • To barely manage to achieve. (verb)
  • To extract data embedded in a screenshot or formatted medium (such as an HTML web page) by means of an automated program. (verb)
  • A broad, shallow injury left by scraping (rather than a cut or a scratch). (noun)
  • A fight; especially a fist fight without weapons. (noun)
  • An awkward set of circumstances. (noun)
  • A D and C or abortion; or, a miscarriage. (noun)
  • A shallow depression used by ground birds as a nest; a nest scrape. (noun)

Examples of word scrape

  • Just a liddle bit *scoop scoop scrape scrape* *plump*
  • At the same moment there began a methodical _scrape, scrape, scrape_ immediately outside the house.
  • * Scrape, scrape, scrape* "Here's your friggin 'Lisa Butter & Jelly sammich!"
  • An now ai’ll get yur braynes *scoop scoop scrape scrape* gud. this wuz just a liddel sprort!
  • The minute I heard the word scrape, it was as if a lightbulb went off in my brain.


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