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What is the meaning of scratcher in Hindi?

Meaning of scratcher in Hindi is : आखुरित्र

Definition of word scratcher

  • Someone who scratches. (noun)
  • A piece of equipment used to scratch part of the body to relieve an itch. (noun)
  • A scratch card. (noun)
  • Any rasorial bird. (noun)

Examples of word scratcher

  • Another head scratcher is observed upon entering Oaxaca state, along the beaches.
  • The neat part of that scratcher is the opening is only on one side so when it gets worn you can reverse the cardboard.
  • I've even found that both of our pets love it as a back-scratcher, which is the equivalent of crack to them.
  • In the desert and sage-brush part of the state the sage-hen, another "scratcher," runs swiftly through the thickets, but many are caught and brought in by the Indians.
  • Republicans in one list, all the Democrats in another, etc., this arrangement is much less favourable to independence in voting and much less efficient as a check upon bribery; because the man who votes a straight party ticket will make all his marks in a very short time, while the "scratcher," or independent voter, will consume much more time in selecting his names.


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