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What is the meaning of scrawl in Hindi?

Meaning of scrawl in Hindi is : भद्दा लिखना

Definition of word scrawl

  • An Irregular, possibly illegible handwriting. (noun)
  • A hastily, or carelessly written note etc. (noun)
  • To write something hastily or illegibly. (verb)
  • To write in an irregular or illegible manner. (verb)

Examples of word scrawl

  • For anyone who has been unlucky enough to befall the horrors of my handwriting, firstly I say I’m sorry – but secondly – if I did that, I would have no idea what I have just written – much less the scrawl from a day ago. thank goodness for spellchecker as my typing is just as bad – but at least the letters are uniformly shaped.
  • This series of paintings takes as its title a scrawl of graffiti on a rock-cut along the Trans Canada Highway near Sudbury.
  • I recall the scrawl that ran just below the "McDonald's": "10,000 hamburgers served."
  • There was no other copy in existence except the original scrawl, which is now lying up stairs in an old trunk full of papers.
  • We passed through bustling Hispanic neighborhoods filled with colorful bodegas and the smells of hot frying food, and through quieter areas where the signs were in Asian scrawl.