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What is the meaning of screw in Hindi?

Meaning of screw in Hindi is : हि़मत जुठ्ना

Definition of word screw

  • A simple machine, a helical inclined plane. (noun)
  • A (usually) metal fastener consisting of a shank partially or completely threaded shank, sometimes with a threaded point, and a head used to both hold the top material and to drive the screw either directly into a soft material or into a prepared hole. (noun)
  • A ship's propeller. (noun)
  • An Archimedes screw. (noun)
  • A prisonguard. (noun)
  • Sexual intercourse; the act of screwing. (noun)
  • A casual sexual partner. (noun)
  • Salary, wages. (noun)
  • Backspin. (noun)
  • To connect or assemble pieces using a screw. (verb)
  • To have sexual intercourse with. (verb)
  • To cheat someone or ruin their chances in a game or other situation. Sometimes used in the form "screw over". (verb)
  • To apply pressure on; to put the screws on. (verb)
  • To contort (verb)
  • To miskick (a ball) by hitting it with the wrong part of the foot. (verb)
  • To screw back. (verb)

Examples of word screw

  • Bureau chief Small chided me for using the word screw on the air, which had elicited complaints from the Bible Belt.
  • BTW, for those of you who have noticed that I use the term screw up often when discussing Obama's policies, if you look at election history the incumbent party only loses when the voters perceive they have screwed up.
  • The fixing of the screw is the end result of intelligent guidance coupled with the use of the appropriate enabling tools.
  • One dramatic consequence of this steady tightening of the screw is the increasing difficulties encountered by Iran Air, the state airline, in refuelling its planes in Europe.
  • I shouldn't say police scandal, because -- we don't believe the government of Germany is culpable for what we call a screw-up.


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