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What is the meaning of seamark in Hindi?

Meaning of seamark in Hindi is :

Definition of word seamark

  • Any elevated object on land which serves as a guide to mariners, such as a hill or steeple. (noun)
  • A beacon, buoy, etc. placed in the sea to aid navigation. (noun)

Examples of word seamark

  • Onward they sailed along the south bank of the estuary, past the great sea-carved stone arches of “Île Percée” that made it an important seamark.
  • The men came back saying they'd set up a seamark, but there was no place for a port.
  • The ruins of the Cistercian Church which once graced this shore and raised above the trees its lighthouse tower, a seamark by day and a beacon by night, are among the loveliest in Wessex.
  • Where lies your landmark, seamark, or soul’s star?
  • He rubbed his glass, and called some other officers to verify the absence of the ancient seamark, but all they could make out was a white cloud, that might be smoke or dust or mist hanging over the town.


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