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What is the meaning of seamstress in Hindi?

Meaning of seamstress in Hindi is : सीनेवाली

Definition of word seamstress

  • A woman who sews clothes professionally. (noun)

Examples of word seamstress

  • A great resource for the beginning seamstress is Sew What?
  • Well, there's a certain seamstress who makes bags, and our favorite jewelers -- or at least the ones who are selling things right now; some of you haven't posted about jewelry in awhile.
  • The word seamstress means basically sewing up seams, which can be hard work in more elaborate designs, especially in dresses worn in the 40s and 50s as they had some rather intricate piecing.
  • (Good news for sweatshop workers and their children everywhere — Mom's identity as an underpaid seamstress is vital to healthy family functioning.)
  • That day, too she called a seamstress who was making her some clothes.


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