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What is the meaning of seasoner in Hindi?

Meaning of seasoner in Hindi is : भोजन सामग्री को स्वादिष्ट बनानेवाला

Definition of word seasoner

  • One who, or that which, seasons or gives a relish. (noun)

Examples of word seasoner

  • In this country, it is sometimes cultivated with other aromatic plants; but its use in soups, or as a seasoner or garnish, is very limited.
  • Tablespoon unsalty artifact succus Tablespoon apple acetum or citrus ½ containerful sweeten freshly primer inglorious seasoner Readying: 1.
  • Choripan at Cafecito Philip Ghantous admits he's an aggressive seasoner, and this compact sandwich, a Cuban-Argentine hybrid, is pugnacious testimony.
  • Weak pathetic guys often blame their problems on their overbearing mothers and wives, including one near-outrageous first-seasoner ( "Shakedown") where the successful strong businesswoman shows amazing backbone against blackmail, only to find out her husband is guilty and blames her for it, an attitude Ballinger reinforces.
  • Other titles that Sung thinks have format potential include KBS-2's three-seasoner Happy Together, a weekly 80-minute show that has two entertainers seeking out their old high school friends for a reunion party.
  • I’ll wait and see before I truly judge but I bet it will be a one seasoner.
  • "On account of the mildness of its flavor, when compared with that of other cultivated plants of the Onion family, it is preferred in cookery as a seasoner in soups and stews.
  • Retaliation], and it is not clear to me that he was really the highest seasoner. '