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What is the meaning of seaweed in Hindi?

Meaning of seaweed in Hindi is : समुद्री शैवाल

Definition of word seaweed

  • Any of numerous marine plants and algae, such as a kelp. (noun)

Examples of word seaweed

  • Indeed, he concludes that the term seaweed is inappropriate for the marine plants in question.
  • The term seaweed carries the connotation that the plants under discussion are useless and worthless.
  • The sun was setting between Eigg and Rum as we reached the deserted beach, only to find "VALHALLA DANCEHALL" spelt out in seaweed letters two foot high, which stumped even the locals.
  • I launch myself from the wall again, corkscrewing through the water, long goldredbrown hair in seaweed tendrils twisting around me as I twirl.
  • Her gaze travels from an old sideboard with broken drawer pulls to the green curtains hanging like seaweed from the window, resting finally on a scattering of black pellets that confirm the origin of the sound coming from the floorboards.


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