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What is the meaning of secure in Hindi?

Meaning of secure in Hindi is : हासिल करना

Definition of word secure

Examples of word secure

  • •Less competition in market •Growth Sector initiatives •Manpower availability •Social responsibility impact •New Blood boost Growth •Clean-tech production •Innovation development Man Machine Material Money • How • Action •Gather Trends •Business plans •Calculate Cost •Meet investors •Analyse investment •Viability Reports •Generate Funds •Secure Funding â–¶ However to Secure funding for a new start-up in lean times is a challenge.
  • Stressing security, as it has since it first announced it would be a major cloud player in June, Unisys unveiled what it calls the Secure Private Cloud Solution (SPCS) at the event.
  • I hope this F-Secure is useful and helpful to this unsafe internet seccurity environment.
  • I have to say that, F-Secure is one of the best app on earth to help you get peace of mind in dealing with virus, spyware, etc nowadays, and I am longing to get in in my laptop.
  • I have been reading about your F-Secure is the fastest antyvirus and good protection at the moment.


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