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What is the meaning of seer in Hindi?

Meaning of seer in Hindi is : सुरमई

Definition of word seer

  • Agent noun of see; one who sees something; an eyewitness. (noun)
  • Someone who foretells the future; a clairvoyant, prophet, soothsayer or diviner. (noun)
  • Alternative form of sihr. (noun)

Examples of word seer

  • But the age of Samuel required more solid qualifications in the prophets, and hence the term seer had already given way to that of expounder or master of eloquence and wisdom.
  • Then the fresh faces and smart uniforms disappeared, and now the nearest approach to "militarism" which Paris offers to the casual sight-seer is the occasional drilling of a handful of piou-pious on the muddy reaches of the Place des Invalides.
  • While the prophet "speaks" in the Spirit, the apocalyptic seer is in the Spirit in his whole person.
  • He was going to be the one true "seer" -- poke fun at the soft underbelly of politics, keeping us smiling and "in the know" -- the "shysters" wouldn't stand a chance with Jon Stewart on guard!
  • But in the end it wasn’t because they were gone, but because she had been a seer from the start.


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