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What is the meaning of seizing in Hindi?

Meaning of seizing in Hindi is : पकड़

Definition of word seizing

  • a type of lashing or binding by a small cord (noun)
  • Present participle of seize. (verb)

Examples of word seizing

    • "I don't know where else petitioners like us can go without going to a national bureau," said Jiang Rongsheng, a petitioner from Anhui province who has been to the national petitions office three times in the past year to protest what he describes as the seizing of land by local officials without an offer of compensation.
    • [...] continues on to talk about viral culture which he describes as seizing, elevating, and spreading ideas as meaningful, significant, or [...]
    • "When you are connected, you feel a joy in seizing some aspect of the real world," Lyons says.
    • Yet we all know that what the power women are seizing is no luxury.
    • The public option is this liberals first step in seizing control of our health care – anyone says otherwise is lying.


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