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What is the meaning of self respect in Hindi?

Meaning of self respect in Hindi is : आत्मसम्मान

Definition of word self respect

Examples of word self respect

  • So here we are now at Gradisch, working for the Graf Johann Anton Goess - and really living a life of comparative luxury and selfrespect [sic] - for gefangeners.
  • Anon22:20: you don't give a toss about .cym but I'd recon .cym, Federal college etc is part of the same project - make up for the wasted 8 no, 80 years of Labour majority rule. dotcym is a label to tell us and the world that Wales and the Welsh language has got some selfrespect.
  • And here, pay the piety, must I too nerve myself to pray for the loss of selfrespect to equip me for the horrible necessity of scan-dalisang (my dear sisters, are you ready?) by sloughing off my hope and tremors while we all swin together in the pool of So-dom?
  • It was her doing that he was compelled to part, bit by bit, with his selfrespect.
  • Or, if you don't believe in the soul, it's not worth the loss of your peace of mind or your selfrespect-unless you have no conscience.


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