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What is the meaning of semblance in Hindi?

Meaning of semblance in Hindi is : सादृश्य

Definition of word semblance

  • likeness, similarity; the quality of being similar. (noun)
  • Seeming; appearance; show; figure; form. (noun)

Examples of word semblance

  • I had laid out like an eight-week to ten-week timeline where we could get the city back in semblance of order.
  • Sophia, Imperial honors, a stately palace, a numerous household, was liberally bestowed by the piety of her adopted son; on solemn occasions he attended and consulted the widow of his benefactor; but her ambition disdained the vain semblance of royalty, and the respectful appellation of mother served to exasperate, rather than appease, the rage of an injured woman.
  • (as it is strongly expressed by Tacitus) into a certain semblance of wine, was sufficient for the gross purposes of German debauchery.
  • I don’t care if Jackie Chan doesn’t fit Goku’s general look, why can they not retain semblance of Asian culture, in either film?
  • We who knew HENRY WINTER DAVIS are not content to clothe ourselves in the outward garb of grief, and call the semblance of mourning a fitting tribute to the gifted orator and statesman, so suddenly snatched from our midst in the full glory of his mental and bodily strength.


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