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What is the meaning of semisynthetic in Hindi?

Meaning of semisynthetic in Hindi is :

Definition of word semisynthetic

  • synthesized by chemically modifying a natural material (adjective)

Examples of word semisynthetic

  • Since late 2004, OneWorld Health, UC Berkeley and Amyris have been working together as the Artemisinin Project to develop a new, low-cost technology platform to provide non-seasonal, high-quality and affordable artemisinin - semisynthetic artemisinin - a key ingredient in first-line treatments for malaria.
  • Opium poppy (Papaver somniferum) is the source for the natural and semisynthetic narcotics.
  • Deck-material makers Trex and TimberTech were early producers of composites blending plastic with reclaimed lumberyard sawdust to create a semisynthetic "lumber" that wouldn't splinter or rot.
  • A narcotic drug that contains opium, its derivatives, or any of several semisynthetic or synthetic drugs with opium-like activity.
  • The general values of the rich tropical vascular plant flora as sources of direct therapeutic agents, as sources of starting points for the elaboration of more complex semisynthetic compounds, as sources of substances that can be used as models for new synthetic compounds, and as taxonomic markers for the discovery of new compounds, are highlighted.


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